Truth about healthy hair! It’s a lot more simple than you thought.

Truth about healthy hair! It’s a lot more simple than you thought.

How often should we get our haircut? Is it necessary to get a haircut if I’m growing my hair out? I like the length I’m in, should I still get my haircut?

These are pretty valid questions.

The answer is simple: your hair behaves best when it’s cut on a timely manner.

Soooo (in a cheering voice) get YOUR haircut.

9 out of 10 times your hair is in need of a good haircut. Yes, I said it. Your hair won’t behave right unless you trim accordingly. Whewww… got that out of the way. 4-6weeks for short hair. Short hair requires maintenance. OF COURSE it will only behave right for the first 4 weeks. 5th and 6th week you’re pushing it. Our hair grows in different intervals. 6–8 weeks its considered normal maintenance for medium length hair. Sometimes medium length hair can behave right up to 10weeks but anything longer than that is extreme. Our hair will start to cut itself by splitting at the ends that go up the hair shaft.

And of course long hair. The biggest mistake people with long hair make is not cutting it in a timely manner. Listen, my beautiful long locks. Just because you want to keep your length doesn’t mean you have to cut only once a year. Trust me, your hair is screaming. First off, it doesn’t act right. It gets difficult and painful to brush. It is literally begging you for a trim. Cut me, cut me…..I swear sometimes I hear the hair whisper. Don’t make your hair mad. Just maintain. Every 12–14 weeks. It’s that simple. And don’t get mad at your hairstylist because you lost half an inch of the length. Oh no my hair doesn’t touch my butt, therefore is short. Your hair is still long. Trust me. It feels short because getting a haircut seems like weight is lifted off of your head. Enjoy it. Your hair will.

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