Delicious Face Mask

Delicious Face Mask

My daughter and I had a blast putting this mask together. She’s at that age where she’s starting to want to take care of herself and her skin. It makes me happy because good habits start early.

Now before you get started I want to give you a little advise. It’s best to mix the ingredients in a small blender. I tried to mix with fork it was not a good idea. The avocado was a little chunky. It looked very funny when applied to the face and it felt funny. Also make sure your face is freshly cleansed. When your face is freshly cleansed it allows for ingredients to penetrate better, therefore the results are better.

Here’s the ingredients. Enjoy!

1 tbsp Greek Yogurt Whole Milk
1 tsp Honey
1/8 of an Avocado

Mix them all together and enjoy this refreshing mask. Leave on 15-20mins.

Honey is a great antibacterial and anti septic. It gets rid of bacteria. Perfect for acne prone skin. But it’s great for any skin type because it’s full of antioxidants and boosts collagen production. Great anti-aging treatment and glowing.

Yogurt – I prefer whole milk Greek yogurt. Yogurt is known to contain lactic acid which helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps minimize pores. It is also a great exfoliator.

Avocado oil can penetrate the skin deeply to help nourish, soften and hydrate the skin. It contains vitamin E and C which are main anti-aging ingredients.

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