Hair Styling So Simple Anyone Can Do It!

Hair Styling So Simple Anyone Can Do It!

Tips and tricks on how to blow dry your hair quickly!!

I wish I could blow-dry my hair like this?

I can never make my hair look this good.

You make it look so easy. It takes me over an hour just on my hair
(hmmmm…I wish I had one hour every day for my hair)

Can I take you home, so my hair can look this good all the time?

The only way I can make my hair smooth is with my flat iron or my curling iron…etc

…the list is endless.

Listen, as a hairstylist with over 15 years of professional experience, these are some of the most common comments. You are not alone if you have felt this way sometime or any time. The struggle is real. The majority of us feel this way. Let me rephrase it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The majority of us feel this way.

Great News. I will share some hair tips and tricks with you today.
How to achieve: Beautiful Voluminous Hair

After shampooing and conditioning your hair. I recommend you pat dry your hair with an old tee shirt. I like to use an old tee shirt instead of a towel. Reason being, an old tee is washed countless times. It’s soft and there’s not much lint left in it. Lint will cause friction and frizziness to the hair. I prefer tee shirt instead of a towel. But if you choose to use a towel, that’s fine too. Please make sure to pat and squeeze the moisture out, but do not rub. Rubbing your hair with the towel is a guarantee way to get split ends or even worse, cause breakage to the hair follicle or hair shaft.

Once you’ve removed most of the water from your hair, grab your favorite products. I personally have different products for different needs. Today, we want a smooth voluminous look. I start by using a leave in conditioner. My favorite is Rikoko Violet. I prefer Violet because I like to keep my blonde locks nice and bright. This leave in is so weightless I can spray root to end and it gives me the right amount of moisture without weighing my hair down. Next, I use Unite Argan oil (any time I use oil, I only apply to the mid shaft and ends) Unite smooth and shine cream (creams almost always go mid shaft to ends) or Unite blow and set lotion (this blow and set lotion is incredible. Super lightweight and great to set and hold a blowout). Lastly, I use a voluminizing product. Boosta spray and/or expanda volume or elevate mousse (these products can be applied root to end)

The next step is power drying your hair. Now it’s time to get most of the moisture out. You can use a paddle brush/flat brush or you can use your fingers. I prefer a paddle brush simply because I have more control over my hair and I am smoothing the hair as I’m power drying it.

After you have power dried about 80% of your hair go ahead and section your hair into 3 sections. Starting in the back. First section (this also depends on density and length of hair but for most) start from one ear to the other and clip it away at the nape area. Second section is ear to ear and from one temple to the other just underneath the crown. The final section will be temples to crown to create a horseshoe section. Go ahead and clip it away.

Starting at the back we start round brushing. One of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we start round brushing our hair while it’s soaking wet (that is why I suggest you power dry it first). Trust me, I am not joking when I say this, but you will be round brushing forever, and your hair will still not be smooth enough or dry enough. And as soon as you go outside that moisture that’s left in your hair will allow more of the lovely Florida humidity to enter your hair and poof you’re a poodle. When your hair has the right products and it is blow dried thoroughly, it will maintain that style for a very long time. Because once the cuticle is closed it won’t allow any moisture to enter the hair. That is why your style lasts longer when you go to the hairstylist. We kind of know what we’re doing. Hehehe. Jokes aside. It is even more crucial to blow dry thoroughly if you choose to follow your styling with a heating tool such as a curling iron or flat iron. In that case, don’t forget the Glossing Spray. That heat protectant is a very important piece when it comes to keeping your hair healthy.

Enjoy your blow out. All of the products mentioned on this blog are available for purchase at Salon Tomé.

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips and tricks.

Any comments or suggestions please feel free to message me.