It only takes 5 minutes!

It only takes 5 minutes!

How are you doing?

How are you spending your time?

What’s keeping your mind busy?

I have been doing some nature walks and meditation. Nature is the best form of relaxation for me. I am glad to have that option. Meditation on the other hand has been a little challenging. I can’t seem to quiet my mind. I am not going to pretend that not being able to work or being limited to what I can do right now, is easy. I’ve enjoyed seeing your beautiful faces walk through the door and I absolutely miss that part of my life. So that has been extremely difficult. But on a positive note I have been able to spend time with my children and that has been a blessing. They grow super fast.

I would like to keep you informed and help you with your beauty needs. Give you tips on things I have learned throughout my career and personal experience.

Some of the things that I hear almost always and I’m sure you can agree is that;

I don’t have time to put on make up.

I don’t know how to do my makeup.

The only time I have is when I’m driving.

I tried once and it looked awful.

I’m just not into makeup.

I’ve seen YouTube videos and I try to replicate and it’s never the same.

The list goes on and on….

Ladies what if I told you that you can get your makeup done in 5 mins or less, would you believe me? Would you dedicate 5 minutes of your time to makeup?

It is amazing what a little makeup can do.
Everyday makeup is about looking youthful and fresh. It only requires a few things.

  • Liquid Foundation (I’m a big fan of light coverage liquid foundation for everyday look) If you prefer more coverage you can lightly brush loose powder before applying liquid foundation. This way you are absorbing extra oil. It is also a great step for someone that has oily skin.
  • Concealer. Only meant to be applied under the eyes or to cover spots but not on the entire face.
  • Blush is super important. It gives the face that beautiful youthful color. The two colors I prefer, are coral or pink. You can’t go wrong with either one if you’re not sure what to apply. However, be mindful of how much you’re applying. Too much and it can take your face from beautiful and youthful to OMG! where is the clown convention. (sorry for the visual image)
  • Bronzer. Talk about an important part of your makeup routine. Dip the brush in the bronzer and brush lightly into the face, starting at the cheekbone. Run whatever’s left over the brush, all over your face for a sun kissed glow.
  • Eye powder. Now, eyes are where we can play so much with. Options are limitless. But we are talking about 5 min makeup, so we’ll have to be creative and realistic. Eye shapes play a huge role and I can go more in depth, but that will require a more personalized class. For the purpose of the 5 min look, you pick one color. Trust me when I say this, even your blush or bronzer are perfectly fine to use. Very lightly brush through, starting at the corner of the eyes sweeping up to the corner of your eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner. You can use black/brown or colored pencil. Make sure you pull your eye tight and apply a very thin line right at the lashes. You can brush a little dark eyeshadow powder to set it but that’s optional.
  • Eyebrow powder or pencil.
  • Mascara is always a plus even if your don’t apply any eyeliner. Using a mascara can open your eyes instantly. When you are getting the wand don’t pump it, just swirl around. Pumping it causes the mascara to dry quickly and give you a clumpy look.
  • Last but not least. Lipstick. Get creative. Pick a color you don’t usually go for and go for it. When picking a color it is best to know what skin tone you are (cool or warm) Cool tones wear best with pinks and violets where as warm skin tones wear best with oranges and coppers.

Of course the beauty of makeup is to enhance and accentuate our best features or minimize the ones we don’t like. Some makeup is better than none. It makes us look fresh and not tired.
Too much makeup, the wrong colors, clumpy lashes, contour gone wrong, too much baking (whatever baking is, lol it’s a new term. I’ve been doing makeup for a long time. We didn’t call it that. WE SET THE MAKEUP, but because some of the YouTubers use so much powder they call it baking. Like baking bread. Go figure.) All these things can make us look worse. It can have the opposite effect of BEAUTY AND YOUTH.
In my experience it is best to find the colors that are perfect for you, so when you only have 5 mins playing with the right colors is just enough.


Need some help? We can set up a video class via ZOOM.

If you’d like to participate please contact me!

I will post some available dates and time soon.

Stay healthy and have a beautiful makeup day.