I am Val Mancini, a professional with over a decade of experience behind the chair. Even before I first began cutting hair at 15, I had an interest in self-care. My grandmother’s old lessons grew into a career, which led to an abiding love of fashion. I understand the importance of makeup, skin care, and a great haircut. To bring the best possible service to my clients, I wanted to know why our hair and skin work the way they do. In building this understanding, I’ve had my fair share of research and experience. With each client, I asked critical questions, and observed different types of hair and conditioning. They all had their own personal stories, unique problems that could not be solved by a single, universal solution. My curiosity and passion grew into something more: Salon Tomé.

Salon Tomé is committed to preserving healthy hair and skin. We are dedicated to clean beauty: cruelty-free and sustainable. You won’t find any pesticides, silicones, fillers, and waxes hidden here. Everything we offer is non-comedogenic. More than a simple storefront, we educate our clients on a self-care routine that addresses their needs as individuals. We’ve seen it all, and we’re excited to guide you on your journey.